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TED hosts first-ever TED en Español Spanish-languagespeaker event at NYC headquarters

Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Today marks the first-ever TED en Español speaker event hosted by TED in its NewYork City office. The all-Spanish daytime event, held in TED’s theater in Manhattan, will feature eight speakers, a musical performance, five short films and fifteen 1-minute talks…

Calling all social entrepreneurs + nonprofit leaders: Apply for The Audacious Project

Creating wide-scale change isn’t easy. It takes incredible passion around an issue, and smart ideas on how to move the needle and, hopefully, improve people’s lives. It requires bottomless energy, a dedicated team, an extraordinary amount of hope. And, of course, it demands real resources. TED…

In Case You Missed It: The dawn of “The Age of Amazement” at TED2018

More than 100 speakers — activists, scientists, adventurers, change-makers and more — took the stage to give the talk of their lives this week in Vancouver at TED2018. One blog post could never hope to hold all of the extraordinary wisdom they shared. Here’s a (shamelessly…

What matters: Notes from Session 11 of TED2018

What a week. We’ve heard so much, from dystopian warnings to bold visions for change. Our brains are full. Almost. In this session we pull back to the human stories that underpin everything we are, everything we want. From new ways to set goals and move business forward, to unabashed…

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